This city hospital clinician is helping to revolutionise the way elderly people are cared for

Dr Amit Arora is behind a number of initiatives all aimed at improving the lives of patients. Caring clinician Dr Amit Arora works tirelessly to improving the care received by elderly patients by dedicating his time to sending new ideas and research across the globe.

And the 52-year-old, who has been working at Royal Stoke University Hospital since 2004, has recently helped set up a new helpline to assist people with medication.

Another idea coming from Amit’s team has been a ‘frailty academy’ that teaches NHS staff how to look after the needs of older people, especially as many now have multiple and complex medical conditions.

The work from the passionate team has already been recognised across the country, with the British Medical Journal, Health Services Journal Awards, and the Chief Nurse already nominating them for national honours…