Banglore Talk

Today’s Talk Geriatric Medicine in England Frailty- frailty identification tool, flag and register Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Deconditioning awareness campaign I am not here today to teach you medicine –my focus will be on Geriatric medicine in England. I will share with you some of the success stories and challenges we are facing in UK, Also […]

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AT Bangalore 2014 final

National Issues We have an Ageing population, limited resources ‘Care in Crisis’ report, Age UK 2014: People aged over 85 years has increased by 30% Day centre attendances has reduced by 49% People needing care homes has increased by 20% 15.4m people in UK have one or more long term condition Dementia 800k people are […]

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Deconditioning Campaign

National Deconditioning Awareness and Prevention Campaign: Sit Up, Get Dressed, Keep Moving Dr Amit Arora ANP Amanda Futers Cliff Hathaway, (Older Peoples’ Engagement Network) HSJ awards presentation 4th October 2017 Frail Older People Fastest growing cohort attending ED In my early days a s a consultant I used to think about why …… In time […]

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